Photo Effects

Black and White
The black and white effect makes wedding, baby and family photos look crisp and clear. Your favourite pet photos can also look striking in black and white. This increasingly popular option is also fantastic with old photos, which look incredible when reproduced on a black and white canvas print. There is something about old photos that translate really well on to canvas prints.

The sepia effect works on any photo, whether it is your favourite family pictures, or your wedding photos. Our sepia canvas prints are a fantastic alternative to the black and white canvas prints. Sepia is used when adding shades of brown tones to make the picture look old fashioned. It tends to make the picture look softer and gives them a warm tone.

Colour Splash
Colour Splash is a photo converted into black and white, except for an area or object that is left in full colour to give a striking effect. Colour splash works well when your image has a vibrant colour that stands out from the rest of the image and is a stylish way of presenting your canvas.

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Effects Example

Photo Collage

The Perfect Gift
Turn your favourite photos into a stylish canvas collage to add a modern touch to your home. Whether it's portraits of the kids, pets or memories of that perfect family holiday - personalise your space with your very own creation and bring the wow-factor to your home.

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